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Optical Solution makes FTTH installations nearly invisible


OFS, a leading edge designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative fiber optic network solutions, today announced the commercial availability of its EZ-Bend® InvisiLight(TM) Optical Solution, offering virtually invisible, faster fiber routing inside homes and MDUs.

"The EZ-Bend InvisiLight Solution was trialled across the globe by key OFS customers yielding excitement from installers and end-users," said Linda Dembowski, General Manager, Optical Connectivity Solutions for OFS.  "For our customers this solution improves both sides of the business case equation.  Its virtual invisibility helps increase home owner and landlord acceptance which in turn increases take rate and revenues; while the easy installation process, auto-slack storage, and plug and play design speed deployment to help reduce time in the residence lowering overall installation costs."

"We had planned on a four day installation period for 12 units and our installers completed the work in 1.5 days including training Clearline IS, our preferred installer.  Imagine the cost savings to us with nearly one-quarter of the traditional labor costs for last mile of FTTH installation," said Gert Jansen van Rensburg, Product Manager OSP, Dartcom (Pty) Ltd., South Africa.

FTTH providers are now deploying compact Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) deep into subscriber's homes to facilitate in-home networking. However, some customers cancel service orders once they learn the installation requires unsightly conventional optical cables. Routing fiber behind walls is an option, but this is a slow and expensive installation unless behind the wall ducts are already in place and accessible.

The EZ-Bend InvisiLight Optical Solution solves this challenge with a 1 mm diameter optical micro-cord that blends seamlessly with the interior decor.  The installer uses a simple process to roll and adhere the micro-cord into grooves between ceilings and walls, walls and moldings, corners between walls, or directly on moldings. OFS' EZ-Bend® fiber enables this solution to conform to the contours and many corners in a residence with negligible signal loss.

The EZ-Bend InvisiLight Optical Solution is being presented at ECOC Stand 335 September 17 - 19 in Amsterdam.

Source: Thomasnet

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