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Field (Outdoor) Optical Amplifier (DT-OA-1550F) Output Optical Power:13~24dBm


Field (Outdoor) Optical Amplifier (DT-OA-1550F),Working Bandwidth:1535 ~ 1565nm,Input Optical Power Range:-3 ~ +10dbm,Output Optical Power:(13 ~ 24dBm is optional,price is not the same),Output Power Stability:±0.5dB,Noise Figure:≤ 5.0dB(Input Optical Power 0dBm),Input End and Output End Return Loss:≥ 45dB,C/N:≥ 50dB,C/CTB:≥ 63dB,C/CSO:≥ 63dB,Connector Type:FC/APC or SC/APC,Supply Voltage:AC 110V or AC 265V OR 24V,Operating Temperature:-40 ~ +50℃.


Uselow-noise pump laser of famous brand with low distortion, wide bandwidth andhigh output optical power.

Usehigh performance erbium-doped fiber, with high energy conversion efficiency;Advanced SMT production process with higher reliability is used in the internalcircuitry

Built-inperfect microcomputer automatic control circuit, monitor a variety of workingconditions of output power and laser in real time, to make sure the opticaloutput power is steady and extend the working life of the laser.

Large castaluminium drain case and high-frequency E-Electric refrigerator which make theequipment can adapt field environmental temperature aboutfrom-40 to  +60 are build in the wild-type EDFA. It is mainly used in remote areas having noindoor room.