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EPON technology combines the advantages of PON technology and the advantages of Ethernet technology, meeting the carrier's multi-user access requirements by occupying few fiber resources.Outdoor EPON ONU 1GE+3FE (DT-OEONU+1GE+3FE) is an outdoor ONU based on EPON technology, offering users a complete broadband access solution. It fully conforms to the IEEE-defined EPON technology standard, providing users with a good QOS guarantee, flexible bandwidth allocation of Ethernet services and IP integrated services.

Typical Application

⊙broadband access service

⊙VOD service

⊙IPTV service

⊙video surveillance


⊙support multicast

⊙supports loop detection

⊙support data encryption

⊙support port management  

⊙support optical power detection

⊙transmission distance up to 20KM

⊙comply with IEEE802.3ah standard

⊙provide different QOS service levels

⊙support isolation between data ports

⊙flexible bandwidth allocation function

⊙support port-based VLAN classification

⊙pure data outdoor ONU, Gigabit user interface

⊙provide a variety of fault alarm function, easy to fault diagnosis

⊙support GCOM SNMP-based network management platform, easy to install and maintain





Interface Specification

PON interface

1 * EPON optical interface

1.25Gbps for uplink and downlink

SC single-mode single fiber

maximum shunting ratio up to 1: 64

transmission distance: 20KM

user interface

1 * 10/100 / 1000M adaptive Ethernet interface, 3 * 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet interface

full duplex / half duplex

RJ45 copper interface, support cross-direct adaptation

transmission distance: 20KM

power interface

3-core attaching plug

Performance Specification

PON optical interface

wavelength: forward 1310nm, receive 1490nm

optic output power: -8 ~ 8dBm

receiving sensitivity: -30dBm

saturated optical power: -3dBm

data transmission  

PON interface throughput: downlink 950Mbps; uplink 900Mbps

Ethernet interface: 1000Mbps

packet loss rate: <1 * 10E-12

transmission delay: <1.5ms

Status Indicator


PWR: power indicator

ACT: optical signal indicator

REG: registration indicator

SYS: system indicator

LAN: indicator of network port status

Physical Characteristics


cast aluminum waterproof shell

power supply and power consumption

power supply: 220V

power consumption: <3W

Size and weight

equipment size: 169 * 86 * 85mm

equipment net weight: 1.5kg

environmental parameter

operating temperature: -20 ~ 70

storage temperature: -40 ~ 85

operating humidity: up to 90%