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OPGW Optical Cable


OPGW Optical Cable,OPGW is stranded of one or several stainless steel tubes containing optical fibersand several different kinds of metal wires.

The stainless steel tube is The confined anti-purtrescent sheath will be formedwhen the SUS304 tape used by stainless steel tube fiber unit has got throughthe longitudinal laser welding. Optical fiber and fiber jelly are contained in the cable. The jelly protects the fiber from being influenced by the externalshock and water corrosion.  The number of fiber will be defined by our customers’needs. The number of stainless steel tube will not more than three usually, its position can be the central position(central-tubed OPGW) or the starting stranded layer (layer-stranded OPGW). Whenhighly requiring anti-corrosion, the aluminum can be cladded out of thestainless steel wire, or the combination of Al-clad wire and aluminum alloy wire; aluminum and aluminum alloy are used for power conduction, steel is used for tension taking;

Product design principles: We will manage to make OPGW’s physical dimension, mechanical and physical property, electric property approach to those of an aerial groundwire through the product optimization considering the requirements of communication.

Thesection within the stranded wire of outer layer is padded with anti-corrosive jelly to isolate the moisture outside, which will upgrade the anti-corrosive property of the product.



OPGW is mainly applicable ti the aerial transmission lines with rated voltage 110KVor above, which provides a solution of electric power optical fibercommunication to power operators. When using OPGW, the capacity of power fibercommunication is much larger than that of the traditional carrier wave andmicrowave communication; comparing with the common direct-buried optical cable,it saves routing source and construction investment; it has more reliabilityand longer service life than ADSS optical cable.


It uses optical fiber as transmission medium, which provides alarger messagecapacity.

The optical fiber is well protected and reliable.

The metallic structure gives it 30-year service life.

Comparing with the matching design of traditional aerial ground wire, it is easy to beconstructed.