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GYXTC8S Fiber optic cable Aerial Self-supporting


Fiber Optic Cable,GYXTC8S,The structure of the cable (self-supporting loose-bubed strandedpadding outdoor communication cable with metallic strengthened hanging line andsteel-PE cementing sheath) is covering the inner-fulfilled waterproof compoundloose tube, which is made of high modulus plastic, with the single mode andmulti-mode optical fiber.There is a FFRP in the middle of the optical cablecore. The compact and round shape cable core is a combination of the loosesleeve pipe(gasket for packing ) and center-strengthened core, the gap in thecable core is filled with water retarding compound. PE sheath will be cable dafter the metal strengthened hanging line is parellely installed with the cablecore, which is longitudinally covered with plastic-plastic-plated steel tape.


The product is applicable for long-distance and interoffice communication.



Itcontrols the extra length of the optical fiber precisely to ensure the goodperformance of stretch-proof and environmental characteristic of the opticalcable.

The double side plastic-plated steel tape provides an excellent of moisture proofand side compression resistance.

The Zn-plated steel stranded wire ensures the anti-stretch intensity, which isrequired by the self-supporting cable installation.

Thecable is application the self-supporting aerial wiring with the span of 100m orbelow. It provides a more efficient construction, and saves the hanging linesand cable drop hangers at the same time.


 Basic Construction

Fiber count


Loose tube diameter (mm)


Steel wire diameter (mm)

Depends on tensile strength

Cable height (mm)


Tensile strength (N)

According to demand of design

Crush Resistance (N/100MM)

Long term


Short term


Bending Radius (MM)


≥20 * Cable diameter


≥10 * Cable diameter

Operating Temperature (℃)