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FTTH Drop Cable KFRP 1,2,4 Core (GJXFH-1,2,4 G657A)


FTTH Drop cable,GJXFH 1,2,4 core B6 9/125(G657A2) fiber,fiber color:Nature,Blue,Orange,Green,

Attenuation:≦ 0.336 at 1310nm, ≦ 0.198 at 1550nm (dB/KM),Min. bending radius :10mm(Static),25mm(Dynamic),KFRP Strength member,Crush resistance:2200N/100mm.Sheath material:LSZH,Cable size:5.2mm*2.0mm.


With the development of the telecommunications industry, the communications networks develop from theunitary voice service to the full-service integrated communications networkwith various digital services of voice, data, and video. The construction ofoptical networks develops from the backbone network, core network to the MANand access net works. Since the fiber  withfrequency bandwidth has the strengths of high transmission capacity and lowattenuation, FTTH supports various kinds of services, the features such aswider bandwidth, convenient maintenance are the foundation for our company todesign the drop optical cable, which is applicable to the accession of the user’send in the broadband access network.


The optical cable has small diameter, lightweight, low cost, low construction cost.

It is suitable for mechanical splicing technology, fast, and flexible.

The optical cable has high-tension and anti-squash force,self-supportingstructure can meet the requirement of 50 meters pull-fly.

Ituses aromatic polyamide materials to be the strengthen material.

The optical cable is soft, good bending performance, and ensure that the bendingperformance can meet the requirements.

It uses low smoke zero-halogen material, ensure that the cable can meet therequirements for the flame-retardant materials indoor.

The optical fiber is the bend insensitive fiber which can meet requirement ofITU-T G.657.

High-carbon steel wire should be used for Self-supporting strengthen device of optical cable, superior tensile properties contented.


Technology Specification


Technology parameter

Cable type


Cable Dimension

3.0mm x 2.0mm

Fiber type

 9/125 (G.657A2)

Fiber Counts




Tight buffer color




Sheath material


Sheath Color

White or Black

Cable weight 


Min. bending radius  

10mm (Static)  25mm (Dynamic)

Attenuation    dB/km

≦ 0.336 at 1310nm, ≦ 0.198 at 1550nm

Short term tensile


Crush resistance  


Operation temperature   ℃


Note: the product is in accord with the instruction of EU RoHS.