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CATV Triple Band Pass Filter


CATV Filter, Triple Band Pass Filter, suitable for signal selection, the type have: 5~10/55~185/294~1000Mhz,5~42/84~165/525~1000Mhz,5~75/126~430/610~1000Mhz,5~42/84~165/195~209Mhz,5~42/126~185/294~475Mhz…the pass band is optional oraccording to customer’s requirements.



Low insertion loss.

High return loss and isolation.

Class A RFI Shielding.

Brass body plated with nickel for corrosion resis.

Triple Band Pass filters are used in many communicationapplications such as CATV or cable network systems to pass three desired bands.


Ordering Information



Pass Band


TBF 5~10/55~185/294~1000

5~10/55~185/294~1000 MHz

We can according to customer’s  requirements provide.

TBF 5~42/84~165/525~1000

5~42/84~165/525~1000 MHz

TBF 5~75/126~430/610~1000

5~75/126~430/610~1000 MHz

TBF 5~42/84~165/195~209

5~42/84~165/195~209 MHz

TBF 5~42/126~185/294~475

5~42/126~185/294~475 MHz